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[Friday 26th]

(quite) A while ago, partly_bouncy posted in 15lovefiction, asking for help with the 15/Love fanfic section on fanhistory.com.

Any takers? I'd be willing to work on it with a couple people...
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[Sunday 5th]

15/Love Top 20 Moments



I was going to upload it to Youtube, but I'd have to split it into 4 parts because it's so long. It's almost midnight, so I don't have time to do that now. But if anyone wants me to later on, just let me know.

I'll also post the complete list if you want.
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[Friday 27th]

Well, we still have more ties for the Top 20 Moments, but we're almost there. Actually, the final 20 have been narrowed down, and it's looking pretty good so far. It's just order of some that needs to be sorted out. You guys keep spreading out your votes evenly! Lol.

VOTE HERE!Collapse )

You have 'til Monday.

And then (hopefully) I'll be able to put the video together. I'm reallllly looking forward to it.
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Top 20 [Monday 23rd]

Hey guys,

Wow thanks so much for voting! I didn't think we'd get that many votes.

Anyway, as I predicted, there were quite a few ties. Therefore, this is going to be a tie breaker poll. It is quite possible that there will be more ties here, especially on the last question, so there may be yet ANOTHER opportunity to vote after this.

Anyway, Click Here to vote! Anyone can vote, whether you voted in the last one or not.

You'll have til Friday to vote!
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[Sunday 22nd]

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[Sunday 22nd]

Laurence is working with Mira Sorvino again.

Good for her!
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15/Love Top 20 Moments!!!! [Friday 20th]

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your answers/nominations from my last post. I've compiled them (and added lots more) to create a poll for everyone to vote on. I really hope that everyone votes, because the more people who do, the easier it will be.

I'm aware that we're probably going to have lots of ties, so there will most likely be more tie breaker polls later on. You have until Monday to vote (although I'll play it by ear).

There are 54 moments to choose from. Choose your top 10 in any order please.

Click here to vote
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Like My New Pants? [Tuesday 17th]

Some (hopefully) quick thoughts on 'Charity of Fire'

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15/Love Top 20 Moments [Tuesday 17th]

I realise that I haven't done anything with this community for ages, so in honour of the finale of 15/Love, I have a proposal.

I think it might be fun to compile a list of the top 20 15/Love Moments, and then vote on them. Then I'll put them together in a video or something.

So comment here with your choices for the best moments on 15/Love by the end of the week. Don't worry if we end up listing more than 20, once we vote that'll decide which ones are there. And then, this weekend, I'll create a poll and we can vote.

Here are my choices:

-"There's been an accident" - Curve Balls
-C/S kiss - Memphre Blues
-C/R kiss - Memphre Blues
-Adena and her Dad on the court - Reckoning
-Squib breaks down - Renewal
-Cody gathers the newspapers - Studentia Jockulus
-Cameron throws away the key - Lord of the Fries
-C & S return to Cascadia - Return of a King
-Nate leaves Cascadia - Foul Play

So they can be ANY type of moment (funny, romantic, sad, etc) from ANY episode. Don't worry if there are like 6 moments for 1 episode. That doesn't matter.
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Lucas in the Sky [Monday 2nd]


Lucy in the sky with diamonds...Collapse )
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